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Star Galaxy: The White Knight

Star Galaxy:
The White Knight

A new teen and young adult sci-fi action and
adventure book series debuts!

“Worlds collide in a galaxy of imagination, action, and adventure. Follow the story of four friends as they set off for an adventure of astronomical proportions in the wondrous galaxy known in the human tongue as Star Galaxy. As unexpected strangers enter their lives, children in hiding quickly find themselves swept up in a whirlwind of increasing trouble. With the help of new companions and allies, the children discover their origins, strengthen bonds of fellowship, and journey to a faraway galaxy to find purpose and a home. Upon arrival, however, a galactic war that will determine the fate of their lives awaits them.”

Read an excerpt of chapters 1, 5, and 10.

Read more about Mary E. Logsdon.

Officially Launched in Fall 2017

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Star Galaxy: The White Knight
Print ($17.99)
Ebook ($8.99)
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Star Galaxy
Soundtrack, Volume 1

“Music echoed beyond the sky.”

Our gift to you is a collection of 14 cinematic, ambient electronic tracks by composer Kai Engel that we hand-picked for your listening pleasure. Enjoy while reading the Star Galaxy series, your other favorite books, or to complement the mood of any activity.

Download all (.zip)

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or download individual tracks via link and preview via button.

Star Galaxy Soundtrack, Volume 1
  1. Desperation
  2. Trouble
  3. Grief and Sorrow
  4. Hope is Lost
  5. In the Calm
  6. Wonder and Mystery
  7. Confrontation
  8. Sneaking
  9. Before the Emperor
  10. The Great Star
  11. Imprisoned
  12. Dancing with Solarflies
  13. The Final Battle
  14. Peace Restored

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